Direct Online Communication

One-on-One Communication

Provide a higher level of customer support, aid in purchase decisions, or just offer a service that puts you a step ahead of your competition.


Automatically log transcripts with each visitor interaction. Transactions can also be searched, emailed and printed.

Multi-Chat Requests

With multiple chat support, you can chat with multiple visitors at the same time. There's no need to switch between browser windows.

Sound Alerts

Receive sound alerts when visitors enter the site or request a chat. Additionally, individual alerts can be toggled off.

Typing Notifications

PLH displays a convenient "Party is Typing" message so that each party can see when the other is typing.


Template-Based Layout

Easily change the look of any chat screen you'd like with HTML modifications.

Department-Specific Buttons

Choose different chat buttons for each department or use the same buttons globally.

Department-Specific Messages

Personalize and display a unique welcome greeting when visitors initiate a chat.

Easy Upload Tool

Easily upload your own status icons, logos, and images through your administrative backend.

Easy "Theme Setting" Adjustments

Easily alter display properties and elements of a theme within the "Theme Settings" area.

Sales & Marketing

Referral Tracking

Know exactly where your visitors are coming from and which websites bring you the most traffic.

Surveys & Operator Ratings

Create surveys and allow visitors to rate chat sessions and experiences.

"Proactive Chat Requests

Request a chat from your visitors with a custom message at any time and on any page.

Push Images & URLs

Push images and website URLs to a visitor during a chat session.

Detailed Reporting

Realtime Traffic Monitor

See exactly where your visitors are on your site at any given time. You can also see which visitors are chatting with which operators.

IP & Hostname Blocking

You can choose to block certain visitors from requesting chats, showing up on your visitor list, being included in your site reports, or all of the above.

Extensive Reporting

View a quick summary of your site's daily stats along with other useful information, such as your top referrals, visitors, pages visited, etc.

Visitor Analytics Data

In addition to site traffic monitoring, PLH provides "realtime" charts with important visitor analytics data.

Report Management Tools

Complete set of report management tools, including a feature that allows you to delete reports by date.


Custom Canned Responses

Easily add, edit, or select a built-in canned response. This allows you to respond faster and do less typing during your online chat sessions.

Chat Request Queue

Chat requests are placed in a queue. As a courtesy, a message is displayed to let the visitor know just how long they can expect to wait before chatting with an operator.

"Offline" Messages

With a customizable "offline" response message system, you can provide faster customer support by allowing visitors the option to send you offline messages by email.

Operators & Departments

Assign your online chat operators to a specific department, or all of them. This ensures your operators answer chat sessions through specified departments only.


Full HTTPS & SSL Support

To ensure every detail of your customer data is transmitted securely and safely, SunShop provides full support of HTTPS & SSL protocols.

Admin Login Tracking

Track admin login activity and see exactly where accounts are logging in from. SunShop recognizes new IP addresses and alerts the admin immediately to ensure the account is secure.

Two-Form Factor Security

Block unauthorized access to the admin area with IP verification or Google Authenticator.

Admin Access Restriction

SunShop allows the administrator the ability to control administrative access and set access levels for all other administration account.

One-Way Encryption Key

SunShop offers a highly secure method of keeping your customers stored billing information safe.

Custom Admin Folder Name

SunShop helps you stop prying eyes from gaining access to your private customer information by renaming your administration directory to something less commonly used.

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