Richard Fox

Having trawled the internet looking for a smart, modern e-commerce solution, I thankfully stumbled upon SunShop. Not only do Turnkey Web Tools provide a cheaper alternative to some of the better known alternatives, it also understands the needs of the present day e-commerce site, providing regular updates to keep up with the latest features and trends. The script is quick and easy to set up, with excellent 24hr support to help iron out any teething problems, essential for a website that cannot afford lengthy downtime and the associated loss of sales. The admin section allows for easy modification of the well-designed templates, offering a great degree of flexibility and control. With the website up and running, it requires very little maintenance – processing orders and making changes to the product catalogue couldn’t be easier… and keeping the customer updated with dispatch / payment notifications etc is all beautifully automated. Most importantly, the script is designed with the latest SEO in mind, to drive that all important traffic to your site.

This really is a great solution for a database driven e-commerce site, it just makes everything so easy… which creates more time to spend on other areas of your business. For the money it’s a fantastic investment.

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